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Judy BarberThe more we understand our beliefs, habits and feelings about money, the better equipped we are to make good choices about the role of money in our lives. This awareness can also help us communicate our values with those who are closest to us.

In thinking through next steps, it may be easy to look at the more objective technical aspects of financial, estate, succession and charitable planning. Yet the complexity of strong emotions in families can make implementation difficult. There is a certain secrecy. That taboo often prevents candid and constructive discussion about issues of trust, rivalry and equal versus fair. If not navigated well, the unexpressed can tear the fabric of family harmony and in the extreme cause irreparable damage.

We provide a comfortable and productive environment as we work with several categories of clients who share the tasks of resolving overlapping family money issues. Please use the following links for detailed information regarding the services we provide:

Consulting with individuals, couples, and family enterprise that need to constructively address the emotional and financial issues that so often entangle family relationships and complicate estate and business decisions.

Mediation provides an alternative to litigation so those who share assets can work out their differences with neutral intermediaries.

Education is central to our work. Client seminars provide private banks, financial and accounting and estate planning firms, charitable planning and investment firms with the individually designed confidential programs. Advisor training enhances communication skills and supports advisors in deepening their understanding and helping clients resolve sensitive planning issues.

In addition, we publish Family Money™: A Commentary on the Unspoken Issues Related to Wealth a periodic, theme oriented newsletter that shares personal experiences and professional expertise about how families, in positive ways, deal with complex issues of accumulated, inherited, sudden or diminished wealth.

Learn more about the breadth of experience of Our Consultants and How We Work.

We invite you to explore this website, and to contact us if you believe we may be of assistance. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

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